Ki-tab – Importance of the right storage products

Having the right storage and home ware product can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your home and everyday routine. Space management is one of the most common challenges and using the right storage product can be a game changer. Kitab offers amazing design options and innovative solutions for all your storage needs. … Continued

Plastic storage containers – Keeping them organized

One can never beat the convenience of having Plastic storage containers at their disposal, however not finding the right lid for them can be a major challenge. The below discussed tips can help you organise your house with little effort so that you can maximise the benefits of Plastic storage containers. Bins are a great … Continued

Plastic storage containers with lids – Organizing empty containers

Plastic storage containers with lids are a great way to pack leftovers and taking lunches. However, one needs to be store them in an organised fashion else they may soon fill up the cabinet and drawer space. First and foremost keep the cabinet clean and put down a drawer lining or fresh shelf paper where … Continued

Plastic storage crates – Ideal when moving house

Moving into a new home or office can be extremely exciting, however moving your possessions can be challenging. With plastic storage crates moving houses can be easy and hassle free. One can choose the type, size and colour of plastic storage crates and order them online. Cardboard boxes bend and go soggy in the rain, … Continued

Under bed storage – Use of storage beds and storage boxes

More often than not everyone of us crave for that extra space in our house or office where we can store items and ensure a clutter free space. Use of under bed storage is definitely one of the best ideas where you can store your hoard of shoes or simply hide your Christmas presents. Sealable … Continued

Stashaways – Useful Storage Tips for your house

There are so many things that we bring in to our house and workplace and they can soon turn into dreaded space invaders. Once you have decided whether you want your belongings on display or, would want to store them, there are various storage solutions available. Depending on your space and budget there is a … Continued

Plastic containers – Different Uses and Benefits

One of the major reasons behind the exponential growth in the popularity of plastic containers can be attributed to the new technology which allows plastic to be more durable and thereby greener while maintaining its useful features. There are different ways in which plastic containers can address your storage needs in your home and office. … Continued

Plastic storage boxes – Ingenious Uses and Features

Plastic storage boxes always come handy to store your belongings, keeping your home or office organised and when moving houses. Some may just perceive them as mere plastic boxes but they have unique qualities and great benefits as well. Not all storage boxes offer protection against sunlight which may cause the items stored to fade … Continued

Storage boxes – An answer to your packaging needs

Plastic storage boxes are still the best choice when it comes to an affordable solution for all storage and packaging needs. They do better than the cardboard boxes which can soon get dirty, worn, bend, and break. The plastic storage boxes are usually available in a wide range of type, size and colour. Some of … Continued

5 Essential Tips to Buy the Best Plastic Storage Containers

A clutter-free and organised life is something that everyone aspires for. Not just a clutter-free office or industrial space looks perfect; it also improves productivity and brings prosperity to the business. Thankfully, with an extensive range of plastic storage containers available at trusted suppliers like Kitab, storage, transportation and shipment are no longer a daunting … Continued

Discover the Top 5 Advantages of Plastic Storage Containers

Not only plastic storage containers help you organise your warehouse but they can also make a world of difference in the way your warehouse looks and operates. Sleek and efficient plastic storage containers with lids that are easy to move around and modify according to your specific requirements can help you keep your products clutter-free … Continued